A hazy view of a mountain in the southern Cascades.

Prima facie

This is a personal blog, nothing all that special or specific. Here you’ll find things that I have been working on in school, watching in some free time, thinking about while I fall asleep.

No big reason, other than that I’d like to share things with friends and family, and strangers too. I want a creative outlet that offers a bit more flexibility than modern social media, and that doesn’t make me feel so beholden to algorithms and trending audio. My 10 Favorite Episodes of Batman: The Animated Series (and the Three Worst); I Used the Spotify API to Make an Applet; Here’s What I Learned About Databases in School Today. Not all that friendly to Reels or the Metaverse.

A Bit About Me:

I spent most of my twenties as a serial hobbyist, jumping around between photography, screen printing t-shirts, woodworking… and I’m still somewhere in that, but I decided to find something central and long-term, and settled on computer science. I love the potential for creativity, the analytical requirements, the constant state of learning and synthesizing new concepts. I did some self-paced study and landed an entry level (temp-to-hire!) job at a local tech company. I liked it, and I wanted more. So I’ve started working on a degree from Oregon State University’s College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

A portrait of the author, who wears glasses and a beard.
with my winter beard on

This is, in some ways, a return to a childhood vision of my future, albeit without the naivety of a 12 year old building levels in Duke Nukem 3D. As a boy in the ’90s, I learned enough HTML to make a GeoCities website, then learned enough TI-Basic to make silly text-based calculator games. I spent a long time exploring other things (like a bachelor’s degree in music production), but I’m back.

I still have a multimeter and soldering iron, a collection of film cameras, a pizza stone, and a love of audio, and I’ll write about those sorts of things too. Like I said, this isn’t supposed to fit into a box; it’s a place where I can share some things I want to share.

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